Welcome to Mishnan Operation & Maintenance

Mishnan 0&M is  a part of the Mishnan Holding Group. It is a fast growing company which aims as been recognised by the world’s oil and gas industries as being a realiable and  capable source to supply vital, hard-to-source and high-spec components essential for the smooth-running of any complex operation. From our GCC base we  deliver difficult to source items, to tight delivery schedules, worldwide. We stand out where service is important and delivery is a key issue.

  Our USP :

  40 years experience
  Skill based organisation – unrivalled expertise
  Supplier to all sectors of the oil, gas and
     power industries.
  Trusted partner of major energy companies
  Part of the Mishnan Holding Group

 Our Vision :
"To be an internationally renowned company offering comprehensive solutions, services and products"

 Our Mission :
 “OMC is committed to it’s Clients by All means,  Ethics, Resources and Accountability”