We are committed to be an integrated company that has diversified and specialized activities in the fields of General Contracting, Trade and Industry. Also, we are committed to be an influential company at the local, regional and global market by the vitality of its staff, competitive performance and the quality of its products and services.


In order to continue our contribution for building better community and life, we translate our vision through the activation of our skills and work with integrity and transparency, to consolidate the following grounds.

  Expanding our scope of operations and activities through signing partnership agreements with global partners which will enable us to improve our products and services.

  Developing our trademark.

  Focusing on innovation and adoption of the best techniques to raise profitability.

  Improving the scientific, technical and professional capabilities of our staff through specialized training courses and providing incentives and rewards.

  Meeting the needs of our communities while preserving the environment and public safety.

  Developing our partners investments.